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About Us

Dear Mauritius Holidaymaker!

We at Mauvillas are a specialist tour operator for one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Mauritius. Our strength lies in the variety of our programme, allowing us to fulfil more individual holiday wishes than other tour operators on the market. Besides the “classic” Mauritius that you might find elsewhere, we also offer many less well-known accommodation gems, both in terms of hotels and self-catering accommodation. We also maintain strong personal links with Mauritius, allowing us to offer a unique range of accommodation options, alongside uniquely-comprehensive customer service about your Mauritius holiday. In order to maintain our high quality standards, we personally check each accommodation on a regular basis, and are in constant contact with the hoteliers and landlords on-site. Kind regards,
Julian Grupp


Travel Consulting & Sales

Gessica Stella
Gessica Stella Travel Consultant IT, EN & DE contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Isabelle Bentrup
Isabelle Bentrup Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Julia Flaming
Julia Flaming Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Lisa Güse
Lisa Güse Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Jelena Jovanovic
Jelena Jovanovic Travel Consultant FR, EN & IT contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Valeria Cippitelli
Valeria Cippitelli Travel Consultant IT, EN & DE contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Danielle Djomo
Danielle Djomo Travel Consultant FR, EN & DE contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Christine Niemann
Christine Niemann Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Antonella Carluccio
Antonella Carluccio Travel Consultant FR & IT contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Philipp Bergmann
Philipp Bergmann Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Janina Jürging
Janina Jürging Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Nicolas Sorrento
Nicolas Sorrento Travel Consultant FR & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Katharina Braukmann
Katharina Braukmann Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13
Nazima Catice
Nazima Catice Travel Consultant DE & EN contact@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/800643-13

Produkt & Account Management

Rebecca Harst
Rebecca Harst Team Leader Product Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Diandra Eichelmann
Diandra Eichelmann Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Miguel Colbert
Miguel Colbert Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Gioia Traquandi
Gioia Traquandi Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Jessica Beye-Edzang
Jessica Beye-Edzang Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Maria Lange
Maria Lange Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Evelyn Müller
Evelyn Müller Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Marjolaine Kientz
Marjolaine Kientz Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15
Maddalena Pradal
Maddalena Pradal Produkt & Account Management product@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/448183-15


Mira Schermann
Mira Schermann Team Leader Marketing marketing@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/44818318
Lau Fong Sung
Lau Fong Sung Video Editor marketing@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/44818318
Marie-Theres Schätzky
Marie-Theres Schätzky Social Media & Content Manager marketing@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/44818318
Gloria Regonesi
Gloria Regonesi Video & Content Editor marketing@mauvillas.com +49 (0)521/44818318

Finance & Accounting

Michael Keller
Michael Keller Team Leader Finance & Administration
Janina Fabian
Janina Fabian Financial Accountant
Marina Merschbrock
Marina Merschbrock Finance & Administration Manager

IT & Software Development

Falko Matthies
Falko Matthies Team Leader IT
Roland Geng
Roland Geng Software Developer
Miroslav Koula
Miroslav Koula Software Developer
Walter Cuccarano
Therese Jatko Frontend Developer
Christian Junge
Christian Junge Software Developer
Morteza Sepehri Niya
Morteza Sepehri Niya Software Developer

Board of Directors

Julian Grupp
Julian Grupp Managing Director julian.grupp@mauvillas.com
Francesca Ruggero
Francesca Ruggero Managing Director francesca.ruggero@mauvillas.com
Walter Cuccarano
Walter Cuccarano Managing Director walter.cuccarano@mauvillas.com