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Mauritius Travel Guide

The Complete Guide to Mauritius

Sports & Adventure

Diving Around The Speaker Shipwreck

Diving Around The Speaker Shipwreck A sunken pirate ship is a great spot for an excursion

A real gem for diving fans is the enormous shipwreck of the Speaker, which lies more than 30 metres underwater on the ocean floor off the eastern coast of Mauritius. This pirate ship sank more than 270 years ago around a kilometre (just over half a mile) south of Roches Noires beach, and these days serves as a popular excursion point. Those looking to discover gold here will be disappointed; the wreck was discovered in 1979 by world-famous diver Patrick Lizé who brought all of the treasure onto land with him. Each year, numerous locals and tourist divers still dive to the depths in search of treasure.

Address : Roches Noires, level with the small island L'Ilot
GPS: -20.102850, 57.730626

Tamarin's Bay

Diving Around The Speaker Shipwreck You can watch dolphins in Tamarin Bay

The legendary Tamarin Beach is home to the mother of all waves, or more to the point, the reef break, about 100 metres offshore, is home to these conditions, which provide the bay with one of its three surfing spots. The stormy waters of the ocean break on the reef here, forming huge waves, and ensuring that the beach is popular amongst surfers across the globe.

Dolphins and and porpoises also come to the bay, especially in the mornings. Tamarin is also the spot for whale watching tours on Mauritius. With a little luck, you may spot some sperm whales. The beach is also good for relaxing, and offers numerous bars and restaurants. Mount Rempart also lies right next to the bay, providing a popular subject for photos thanks to its similarity to the Matterhorn.

Dolswim: This provider offers sustainable tours to see dolphins and sperm whales www.dolswim.com - tel. +230 5422 9281 - starting from Black River
Dreamteam: Sustainable whale watching tours - tel. +230 483 4070 - starting from La Preneuse
GPS: -20.326799, 57.377171

Domaine de l’Etoile

Tamarin's Bay You can see a whole new side of Mauritius from a steel cable

This estate was entirely developed for tourism, and stretches from the north-east of Mahébourg into Mauritius' interior. Adventure seekers will certainly get their money's worth here, with quad bike tours, ziplining, horse riding, archery, and mountain biking being just some of the activities on offer here. The zipline tours are especially popular. Slide along steel cables through the jungle and above huge ravines.

Address: Sebastopol, B27, Mauritius
GPS: -20.318139, 57.689972
Phone: +230 5729 1050, website
Opening Hours : 09:00 - 18:00

Grand Baie

Domaine de l’Etoile Go underwater walking in Grand Baie

The capital of tourism on Mauritius offers widespread touristic infrastructure for visitors to enjoy. Tourists will not be missing anything thanks to the clubs, bars, souvenir shops, and activities available here day and night. In the mornings and afternoons, numerous boat excursions take place, including high-sea fishing and island tours. The unterwater walking tours are also popular, allowing you to discover colourful corals and exotic fish up close. The boat tours usually start from Grand Baie and take you to a platform in the ocean where the underwater sea walks begin.

Address: Suite 206 - Grand Bay Business Park, Royal Road , Grand Bay, Mauritius
GPS: -20.015834, 57.578549
Phone: +230 269 1000, website
Opening Hours : 09:00 - 14:30

Snorkelling in Blue Bay

Snorkelling in Blue Bay Blue Bay offers ideal conditions for snorkelling

The wonderful Blue Bay is particularly well-suited to snorkelling with its colourful corals and fish species. You can even go snorkelling right from the beach; after just a few metres of ocean sand, you will already find yourself amongst the unterwater highlights of the region, with cowfish and wrasse just two of the species you will see. The Marine Park is also a conservation area, located right next to the bay, which can be visited by excursions, pirogue boats, and glass-bottom boats, allowing guests to discover the region by snorkelling.

Boat Tours/Glass-Bottom Boats: Harold & Maryse, www.haroldetmaryse.com, tel. +230 5752 9722
Totof, www.totofmaurice.com, tel. +230 5751 1772
GPS: -20.444194, 57.716643

Diving at Passe du Puy - East

Diving at Passe du Puy - East The diving spot Passe du Puy is only suitable for experienced divers

Offshore from the beautiful beach of Belle Mare is one of the best diving spots in the east of Mauritius. However, due to the currents here, only experience divers with the PADI Advanced or Open Water certificates should attempt it. The main attractions are the local eagle rays, which can be found here between October and December, and from February until April. You can also see white and black-tip sharks, baracudas, king mackerel, and marlins here. Finally, you may also spot green sea turtles.

GPS: -20.203942, 57.785775

Diving in the Aquarium - West

Diving in the Aquarium - West Beginners can enjoy diving and unterwater photography here

The Aquarium is a diving site for beginners, and is located in front of the beach of Flic en Flac. Suitable for divers of all levels, this is an ideal spot to gain initial diving experience. Many visitors also use the aquarium to gain their first experience in underwater photography, as the water here is calm, and there is much to take photos of, including colourful corals and fish.

GPS: -20.300762, 57.364047

Diving in the South - Colorado

Diving in the South - Colorado Colorado is a treasured diving spot thanks to its many highlights

Diving in the south of Mauritius is dangerous, and should not be attempted by anyone without open water experience, and certainly not by beginners. The 28-metre drop off Colorado is, however, a real diving mecca for tourists. Go diving amongst the coral and discover sea turtles, king mackerels, and sea bass. The visibility here is outstanding, with between 12 and 25 metres of visibility. The diving spot is about 20 minutes away from Blue Bay.

GPS: -20.452083, 57.717667

Coin de Mire Diving Site - Confetti Bay

For those with an Open Water diving certification, an incredible natural experience awaits. This is one of the easiest bays to reach, and offers a multitude of things to discover, including fish, octopus, stingrays, and wonderful corals. Enjoy 40-metre visibility all year round at a depth of 4 - 22 metres.

GPS: -20.001177, 57.644547

Submarine Scooter

Submarine Scooter The plastic bubble is ideal for unexperienced divers to discover the underwater world

Anyone who feels a little safer underwater within their own oxygen-filled capsule should try out the so-called submarine scooters, ideal for discovering the underwater world of Mauritius. Perfect for beginner divers wanting to gain their first experience of the underwater world, these guided tours last around 40 metres with Blue Safari, and allow you to discover the underwater world from all angles. The tours start daily from Trou aux Biches and run from 09:00 until 15:00.

GPS: -20.024963, 57.550710
Phone: +230 265 7272, website


Surfing Surf with a stunning backdrop in Le Morne

Mauritius is home to many legendary surfing spots. Besides the famous Tamarin bay, there are other beaches and bays where you can hit the waves. One Eye by Le Morne, the Ilot Sancho, and Rivière des Galets in the south are just a few examples. The latter bay is rather dangerous due to the stony terrain, so only experienced surfers should attempt it.

Address: Tamarin Bay, Tamarin 90921, Mauritius
GPS: -20.327837, 57.378070
Phone: +230 5257 5050, website

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing There are numerous great spots for windsurfing and kitesurfing on Mauritius

From March until November, the conditions on Mauritius are ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The windy south-west and north of the island are ideal for surfing all year-round. Some highlights include the Pointe d'Esny in the south-east, Cap Malheureux in the north, and the Morne peninsula in the south-west. Le Morne has even become something of a cult location on Mauritius.

GPS: -20.467861, 57.313750
Phone: +230 450 4112, website
Opening Hours : 09:00 - 17:00


Sailing You can enjoy your surroundings particularly well from a boat

The surroundings of Mauritius offer much to see and do. Viewing the island from the water is a real highlight, and a trip on a sailboat ensures plenty of activities for your holiday. Many hotels and operators have guided sailing tours in their programmes. The Azuri Yacht Club in the north, or the C-Beach Club in the south, will also rent you your own sailboat for a daily fee.

Azuri Hotel:

GPS: -20.095170, 57.709801
Phone: +230 417 2517, website

C-Beach Club:

Address: Domaine de Bel Ombre, B9, Bel Ombre 742CU001, Mauritius
GPS: -20.505454, 57.407607
Phone: +230 417 2517, website

Submarine Trips

For those who want to discover the underwater world of Mauritius without getting wet, there are small submarines that you can use to visit Mauritius' underwater scenery. Discover colourful fish, corals, rays, and turtles in the huge natural aquarium of the ocean. This is a particularly good option for families with children, allowing even the youngest guests to discover the underwater world of Mauritius first-hand.

GPS: -20.024963, 57.550710
Phone: +230 265 7272, website


Kayak Kayak tours are popular on Mauritius

The best way to discover the mangrove forests of Mauritius is by kayak. These small boats do not disturb the animals that live in the mangroves, allowing you to get closer to some of these exotic species than with other methods. Kayak tours on the open ocean are another popular activity on Mauritius. Visit the offshore islands and discover beaches that you will have all to yourself.

Address: Yemaya Adventures, Grand Gaube
GPS: -20.013299, 57.670185
Phone: +230 5752 0046, website


Golf The beautiful Gymkhana golf course

The British brought the game of golf to Mauritius in 1847, and these days it is one of the most popular sports on the island. Many of the more expensive hotels, including Le Saint Géran in Trou d'Eau Douce, offer their own golf courses. The island's first course was the Gymkhana Club in Vacoas, and this 18-hole course exists to this day. Register at the courses in advance and pay the necessary green fees to enjoy golf in tropical surroundings!

GPS: -20.289219, 57.499407
Phone: +230 696 1404, website
Opening Hours : 06:00 - 22:00

Angling and High Sea Fishing

Angling and High Sea Fishing The waters around Mauritius are great for fishing

The waters around Grand Baie in the north, Trou d'Eau Douce in the east, Le Morne and Mahébourg in the South, and Black River in the west are well-known across the globe for their fishing conditions. It is little wonder that many tourists come to Mauritius every year for this reason. The blue marlin is a particular highlight, and can be caught from September until April in Black River.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Cycling and Mountain Biking Views like this can be seen as part of a bike tour on Mauritius

The cycling scene on Mauritius is no longer a secret. This beautiful island, with its mountains, coasts, and valleys, offers ideal conditions for cycling, and there are some truly excellent mountain bike trails. Those who want to discover the best spots should book a mountain bike tour. Besides excellent trails, you will likely discover a few more attractions here and there.

Address: Yemaya Adventures, Grand Gaube
GPS: -20.013299, 57.670185
Phone: +230 5752 0046, website


Horseriding Ride through Mauritian nature on horseback for a unique experience

Fans of horses will also get their money's worth in Mauritius. You can go horseriding not only on the beautiful beaches, but also through the jungle and mountains. Whether you are experienced or not, there are different providers who offer different possibilities to tourists. One xample is the Cetre Equestre de Riambel - here, riders can enjoy an undisturbed beach alongside a lagoon on the back of a well-trained horse.

GPS: -20.283180, 57.550328
Phone: +230 5 729 4572, website


Tennis Play tennis under the Mauritian sun

Despite Mauritius' tropical temperatures, many of the larger hotels have their own tennis courts, and playing tennis is a popular pasttime for many tourists. The court surface variest from sand to hard courts, and some even have floodlights. The north of Mauritius contains a standalone court that can be booked on an hourly basis at the Club Equitation du Nord.

Address: Schoenfeld Road, Mon Loisir
GPS: -20.082127, 57.672376
Phone: +230 264 9741, website
Opening Hours : 07:30 - 18:00