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Mauritius Travel Guide

The Complete Guide to Mauritius

Shopping in Mauritius

From small markets and art shops to larger shopping centres, Mauritius has everything to suit shopoholics everywhere. One constant is the dodo bird, which is widely used in souvenir merchandise on the island, for example on plates, as plush toys, and on t-shirts.

Markets can be found across the island, and sell fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly-caught fish, and local spices. Besides that, cheap textiles and souvenirs are widely available. The markets are also a great way for locals to mingle with the local population and see the Mauritian population as they go about their daily life, bringing you closer to Mauritian culture.

Market Port Louis, Mauritius A typical market stall with wares on offer

Shopping centres are home to international brand stores. Here, shoppers can find the latest in fashion trends.

Shopping Center, Mauritius You can find large shopping centres on Mauritius!


Mauritius Rum

You can hardly miss the prevalent sugar cane and vanilla plantations on the island, with sugar cane fields lying everywhere, whose produce is used, amongst other things, for the production of rum. The most-famous rum brands are Green Island and Saint Aubin, with the latter being known for its vanilla notes.

Rum, Mauritius Mauritian rum is a traditional and unique!

The colourful flowers of the island, such as Anthurien, can be bought in neatly-packed bouquets. You can even buy these bouquets at the airport to take back home with you.

Model Ships

Local artists also create faithful miniature versions of old sailing boats. Besides historic ships, these workshops also produce modern models too.

Model Ships Model ships are created here with a great deal of attention to detail
Jewellery and Gemstones

There are no diamonds on Mauritius, but there are still numerous beautiful pieces of jewellery on offer. You can even find the perfect engagement or wedding gift for your loved one.

Spices and Tea
Market in Port Louis You can buy a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables at the market in Port Louis
Tea picking, Mauritius You can buy tea that is grown on Mauritius at the markets

Exotic spices such as curry, saffron, cinnamon, and vanilla tea are some of the most-popular souvenirs, allowing you to bring the local cuisine back home with you.

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