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Over the years, Mauritian cuisine has been shaped and developed by numerous different influences, leading to a cuisine rich in variety and experimentation.

Market Port Louis, Mauritius You can find delicious fresh fruit at the markets

Besides the influence of African cuisine on Mauritius, especially when it comes to meat and stew dishes, Indian cuisine has also played a big role on the island. One of the most popular dishes amongst the locals is Indian curry, made with various vegetables, curry paste, and served with rice.

Curry paste consists of different spices, including cardamom, coriander, turmeric, and saffron. Many of these spices grow on Mauritius itself, and can be brought back home as a souvenir. Besides Indian curry, chutneys, rotis, and biryani dishes are very popular.

Lentils dal local kitchen, Mauritius The aromatic spices of the market are great things to take back home with you

Another large influence on Mauritian cuisine comes from China. Many restaurants serve classic Chinese fish stews or wok dishes.

Local Fishermen Market Mauritius Fresh fish is often used to prepare fish soups here

Finally, French cuisine plays a role with its various delicious dishes.

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